Bringing compelling stories to life

Bringing Compelling Stories to Life

The   ways we help

The  ways we help

The  ways we help

The  ways we help

1 Turn your strategy into a compelling story

We take the rational and make it emotional by turning your strategy into a compelling 3-5 minute story. We get leaders aligned, committed and engaged in your story and ensure it is relevant to your people.

Why do you need this?

  • To bring your strategy to life in a way that engages your people
  • To have a compelling story about your future and your past
  • To create a line of site for all employees to your goals, purpose and vision

2 Create a compelling vehicle for your story

We bring your story to life with a compelling vehicle that creates excitement and energy around your story, while creating a consistency of how your story is told no matter who is sharing it.

Why do you need this?

  • To ensure your messages remain consistent no matter who tells your story
  • To bring your story to life in a compelling and consistent way
  • To demonstrate that you are doing things differently

3 Personalise the story for your key leaders

We empower leaders with their own version of the story to ensure it is specifically relevant to key audiences and answer the question “What does this mean for me?”

Why do you need this?

  • To ensure multiple leaders own the story and can engage their teams
  • To ensure the story is specifically relevant to your key audiences
  • To directly connect the leadership team to the strategy and its success

4 Design a compelling event to launch your story with impact

We help design the launch of your story so that it has the biggest impact possible and ensure it captures the hearts and minds of your people.

Why do you need this?

  • To ensure that your story has the biggest impact possible
  • To align everyone around your story
  • To capture the hearts and minds of your people

5 Align your communication channels to your story

We create a consistency of story across all your communication channels so that your people can contribute to your story and ensure it continues to live and breathe.

Why do you need this?

  • To ensure consistency of your story across channels
  • To ensure your language is consistent and engaging
  • To make sure your story is more than just a one-off event

6 Train your team in how to create a compelling story

We teach groups of leaders the science of storytelling so that they can create an engaging story they can use to connect with key audiences.

Why do you need this?

  • To create alignment around the stories critical to your business’ success
  • To ensure multiple leaders can effectively engage their teams and customers
  • To empower leaders to make a difference

7 Coach leaders 1-1 to build their storytelling capability

We work with individual leaders to identify, understand and influence the stories being told, so that they can use stories to not only transform their leadership but also train others.

Why do you need this?

  • To enable your leader to capture the hearts and minds of their people
  • To reinforce storytelling principles over time and develop the skills to train others
  • To ensure your leader learns the art and science of storytelling

What our clients say...

Mark came into our organization during a time of uncertainty and change, he joined our leadership team as we composed our story and brought it to life across our organization. Mark has an extraordinary gift of understanding people and creating experiences that will inspire and stay with you. Not only did our strategy come to life, more importantly we united our people in unexpected ways with astonishing engagement. Mark lives his craft and walks alongside leaders generously sharing his insights and experience on real issues in real time. As a leader this has transformed my impact, allowing me to expand my leadership potential and create a legacy I am proud of.

Suzanne Elliot Safety, Security, Health and Environment Manager, Esso Australia Pty Ltd

Mark played a fundamental role in our Leadership Team journey by helping us create a common vision and communicate that vision in a compelling way to the broader organization. Mark helped us craft our own stories to make the communication to our teams more impactful and engaging. Mark has tremendous talent in very quickly understanding the people he interacts with and creates an environment of trust, optimism and enthusiasm. Mark’s robust experience in crafting and delivering stories in a tailored way can be extremely helpful for organizations and leaders, especially during change journeys. Importantly, working with Mark is fun!

Nelson Ambrogio Sr. Vice President and GM Women’s Healthcare, Bayer U.S. Pharmaceuticals

Mark was engaged at a time of significant and complex transformations. He has equipped my leadership team and I with an ability to authentically bring an organisational narrative together in front of our teams. Mark gets to know you and your organisations culture, challenges your assumptions and has a quality of emotionful language that paints a textured narrative. The frameworks are repeatable and remain with you as a powerful leadership skill.

Gareth O'Reilly Zone President and Managing Director, Pacific, Schneider Electric

We were referred to Mark Fuda from Seven Stories. This referral has been a game changer for our organisation. From our initial meeting with Mark I realised that we were dealing with a different style and a far more impactful approach to leading transformation, alignment & engagement. Mark took the time to understand our business and our leaders, and was able to create our story in a way that connected with our staff across Asia Pacific. Mark is part movie producer, part psychologist, part conductor and part coach. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to any business wanting to bring their story to life.

Russell Evans Chief Executive Officer, Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific

Mark has enabled us to align the organisation around our vision and strategy. Everyone not only understood why we have to change and how we need to do that, but our story also created a tremendous amount of energy, passion and commitment. Mark is someone who is able to quickly understand the challenges a company is facing. He translates the situation and the journey ahead into a clear, energising, creative and inspiring story which everyone is able to understand and to commit to. He never hesitates to provide support in the best possible way, has a huge amount of experience and is THE expert in storytelling.

Dr Susanne Fiedler President, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Europe

Getting a complex message across to thousands of people isn’t easy, especially when the topic could be considered dreary. How the message is interpreted is also critical. Mark was able to listen to what we needed to communicate, ask pertinent questions, and then distil a large volume of information into an animated story that instantly piqued everyone’s interest, was succinct, and spoke to all audiences. Our story has been shared far and wide across the local government industry, with very positive commentary, and many saying they wished they’d used Seven Stories in similar situations. The methodologies Mark used has turned our message into an art form that captivates our audiences.

Terry Dodds PSM Chief Executive Officer, Murray River Council

Mark is enthusiastic, passionate and focused on driving value for his clients. His ability to draw out the key components of the business history and strategy in a very short time was inspiring. We are very excited about our story and its potential to drive alignment and engagement across all our employees. Mark makes himself available to share ideas and has demonstrated a real desire to help improve our business. Feedback is very encouraging with an informal survey indicating significant improvements in understanding of our strategy and focus, ownership/engagement with the outcomes and commitment to business success.

Sylvia Burbery General Manager, Mars Petcare Australia

Thanks to 7 stories, we now have a powerful, engaging and consistent way of sharing our story. We love the way in which 7 stories has bought our story to life, the animations really capture the essence of who we are and our journey to date. We at nudie love working with people that are dynamic, flexible and great at what they do. From the first time we met Mark he proved to be someone that had the skills that encouraged us to open up and share our story with him. We enjoyed working with Mark so much we did a further three animations with him.

James Ajaka Chief Nudie, Nudie Foods Australia

We engaged Mark at the beginning of our customer experience transformation. He quickly helped us build a story of how we wanted to innovate our customer experience. With his support, we were able to fully engage the team while all getting excited about the journey. We continued to rely on Mark’s support to keep us on track and provide personal coaching to elevate key members of the team. His personalized and reflective style not only helped us deliver on our promises, but enabled us to grow as leaders and individuals. I strongly recommend Mark as a personal coach or inspiring support for a major transformation!

LeDon Brooks Cavite Hub Transformation Leader, Schneider Electric

I just wanted to share with you the extremely positive reception that Mark’s handiwork received during our recent Global Sales Conference. We used the video repeatedly. The materials are being posed on our internal collaboration network, and we have people looking for ways to do more! We may actually be experiencing a tipping point of enthusiasm for our cultural transformation… a groundswell of internal excitement that is made more real by this valuable technique.

Peter A. Allen President, Global Sales & Marketing CSC

Mark worked with our Consulting Practice to design and deliver one of the most imaginative, thoughtful and impactful set of multimedia materials that I have seen. The result was beyond our expectations. Mark’s innovative approach made the material very accessible, created meaningful engagement in the room and excited the audience’s imagination about what was possible for them to do as leaders. For us, the material created a heightened appetite for further work that took us by surprise. Finding someone who can do brilliant creative work which translates into tangible business outcomes is not common – Mark delivers on this.

Ian Moore Partner, The Alignment Partnership

Mark Fuda helped our organisation understand the science behind good story-telling. He conducted a workshop that successfully delivered the key tools that made our team strive to present our story in a unique and engaging way. Marks easy going manner and positive coaching style made everyone feel like their contribution was appreciated and insightful.

Clynton Batholomeusz Managing Director, Beiersdorf Australia/New Zealand

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