Bringing Compelling Stories to Life



Mark Fuda Principal Seven Stories

Mark’s passion for film and production began in high school as a result of his complete lack of artistic talent. Faced with the dilemma of having to decide on a major work for the Higher School Certificate, he decided to create a documentary and so began his love affair with storytelling.

This passion saw Mark work in all forms of storytelling from advertising and television, to network news, documentary and feature film production.

In 2009, Mark saw a need to apply these storytelling skills in a corporate environment and formed the story consultancy and production company Seven Stories. With his unique approach to communication, Mark has helped both local and global organisations bring their strategies to life in ways that engage their people and unlock discretionary effort.

For over a decade, Mark has worked with thousands of leaders around the world training them in the art and science of storytelling, helping them transform their leadership and bring their stories to life. His work has not only been shown in boardrooms around the world, but also played in the halls of the United Nations and featured in the Harvard Business Review.