Bringing Compelling Stories to Life

10 reasons why stories work

In any organisation it is critical that people are engaged and understand why what they do matters. Increasingly leaders are also thinking more about their story and how they can use it to engage their people. But why does story work more effectively than other communication methods? Here are 10 benefits to communicating through story with your team and organisation;


  1. Make people feel something; you will engage your peoples’ emotions and help them understand why what they do matters, and the difference their efforts make.
  2. Cut through the noise; you will speak to people in the way they want to be spoken to about things that mean something to them.
  3. Build trust; telling an authentic story that highlights both the good and bad of a situation, enables you to identify with the people you lead and demonstrate that you understand their experience.
  4. Make sense of the world; you become a sense maker and demonstrate that you understand the world of your people and can guide them through it effectively.
  5. Give facts meaning; you can connect your facts to emotions and demonstrate what those facts mean in the real world.
  6. Communicate less and more effectively; you create a compelling story that can be shared across multiple channels that won’t be ignored.
  7. Tap into the original social network; long before Facebook and Twitter, people communicated through story, and word of mouth remains a key way to spread a message.
  8. Move people to action; you demonstrate the difference peoples’ efforts make and give them ownership of the story and the outcome.
  9. Give people a story to share; you empower people to talk about your organisation and how they contribute to its success.
  10. Shape the stories already being told; in a vacuum, people will create their own stories. You will fill that vacuum with the story you want told.

The best part of all is that unlike other communication methods, a story doesn’t have to cost you anything. Once you know the keys to creating a compelling story, you will have the power to engage your audiences and move them to action. You will also empower them with a great story to tell.